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Method to our Madness

We believe diversity and exploration are key in staying passionate about what we do. Bringing time tested methods for well-being and staying open to new strategies for a balanced approach to wellness, discipline and motivation is repeatedly renewed by wonder and fun!


Real Roots

Hailing from a working class area south of Philadelphia, Faith Miller found herself a regular witness to struggle and suffering of close friends, family and loved ones manuevering depression, drugs, and alcohol addiction. She was reminded regularly that suffering spares no one as often as she was elated to see triumphs and the ability to overcome and find light in the darkness.

One of the essential pieces to Faith's personal discovery was the journey through her yoga practice. Shortly after, she travelled to Spain and explored much of Europe over the course of two years, she found this in and of itself a gift of perspective and a crash-course in empathy. When she returned home she was reunited with friends and loved one's who had also found their own set of strategies for self-care and personal growth while overcoming their struggles.

The tribe continues to grow as we make our way through the world.

The commonality we connect with is the passion to share these tools and lessons with those looking for their own alignment back to their healthiest self. Shortly after, the vision of Yoga Verde became clear: An Integrated approach to health and happiness through Discipline, Mindfulness & Nourishment.


Our Ever Expanding Tribe


Faith Miller

Founder / Yoga Instructor / Spiritual Gangster

Faith Miller possesses a deep passion for the anatomical beauty of asana but also found the functional benefits of mindful alignment and integration key in her 200-Hour Training Program at Empowered Yoga.  She rounds out her practice with an intense focus on mindfulness and the connection of the mind, breath, and body. Having practiced and taught in several countries, crossing language barriers and maneuvering through various cultures, Faith continues to find one consistent truth: "The universal language of love and community resonates deep within each of us if we simply find the time and space to listen closely."

You can expect to find a challenging physical practice heavily focused on functional alignment of the body using ancient elements and taking care to translate them into effective practices for our modern body structures. Faith aims to create familiarity with effective movements designed to mobilize and open up the body while creating space for a moving meditation practice. Faith also firmly believes that music is key in her practice. Inspiring students to elevate emotional connection on their mat, she often uses elements of aromatherapy and Ayurveda.


Danielle Neatherly

Essential Oils Expert / Running Addict

Danielle a recovering addict found a deep passion for running during her journey to further her need for self healing. Running is a form of meditation that has provided many the opportunity to reflect on things they want to change about themselves and offer them a healthy outlet for stress.

She has found her own version of therapy is amplified using essential oils to tap into her emotions and help balance them and create pause and space by tapping into her senses.

Danielle is currently completing her Yoga Teacher Training through Tulaa Yoga to deepen her personal practice and add to her ability to share healing with those she coaches and supports.

Check out her Blog: Eat Run Bake



Carli DeMayo

Licensed Massage Therapist / AromaTouch

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